Erin Kent Photography | FAQs

What happens if my session is rained out?

One of the beauties of natural light photography is the gorgeous natural sunlight and hazy sunsets that you're able to work with! However, weather is weather and it's unpredictable at best. Because of this, rain, wind, sleet and snow sometimes jump in the way of the session you've been waiting for so long. We always hope that the day you've booked is absolutely perfect but no one can predict the weather (not even the weather man, contrary to his or her beliefs!) So, if the weather isn't in our favor, we'll simply reschedule for the next pretty day. With that being said, if you're booking photos that you'll need by a specific date, I suggest giving yourself a two week window just in case the need for rescheduling arises.

Why do you require a retainer on a session?
Although I L.O.V.E. my "job" (I use this word lightly because it definitely doesn't feel as such) it does help pay the bills around here! Your session retainer/fees don't just take care of your photographs, they also include my hard work during the post processing (generally 6-12 hours), my time (both on location and in editing), upgrades to equipment and my supplies. Retainers ensure that the date that you book will be filled. Cancellations leave me without pay for that day (sometimes the entire week!) and no pay means my lights get turned off... or I don't eat. You don't want your photog to starve do you?!?
How many photographs will I receive with my package?
The amount of photographs that you will receive is specific to the package that you choose. Each session type includes a specific number of photographs and is factored into the total cost. Please refer to the "Investment" tab for more information on sessions.

Why don't you just include all images that you take during the session on my disk?
Unfortunately, no one is perfect. This means that, even you, in all of your glorious beauty, take bad photos! And, trust me; I end up with some doozies! You wouldn't want all of the images that I take during our session. Furthermore, as with anything else you purchase, whether it's clothing, groceries or a vehicle; prices are selected based on the product. If I were to include all of my images, I would be pricing my work low and it's important to me to keep a certain standard for my art. I value each of my packages based on the time I spend on location, the post-processing, packaging, office materials, supplies, shipping and all other factors that go into ensuring you receive the absolute best within your package.

What about location and time?

After we lock in a date for your session, we will talk location and time. You'll receive a "Consultation Sheet" via e-mail from me within two weeks. This sheet will ask general questions, ranging from basic contact information (for your client folder) to how you found out about me. You'll also note a section that asks for your vision for your photographs. Please be sure to note a specific location type if you have one in mind in this area of the form.  Jacksonville and the surrounding areas have several great differing locations and I have a few "go tos" that generally cover all styles. But, there's always one client who knows the EXACT location they have in mind. Don't be afraid to let me know!


What should I wear?

I want you to be YOU! However, there are a few "no-nos" when it comes to clothing in photographs. Keep in mind that clothing with bold prints (such as chevron, polka dots, zebra stripes, etc.) can be distracting. Stripes on blouses (namely horizontal) can cause a distortion in the way your body is photographed. Lines are everything in photography and lines that point outward create the illusion of a broader body shape. I also suggest staying away from neon colors. Because of their bright glow, this type of clothing can create a "cast" on your images that is difficult to remove during the editing process. For instance, a lime green, fluorescent top will cast green hues on your skin and "The Grinch look" doesn't really "go" unless it's Christmas; ya feel me? We are up and down A LOT throughout your photo session! I always suggest wearing clothing that's easy and comfortable to move in. Incorporate pieces of clothing that  define your personality; a scarf, fedora, those comfy sweaters that you love so much. As much as it's important to "dress up" for your photos, it's just as important to stay true to yourself and be sure that the images that are hanging in your home capture you; just as you are.


I get nervous in front of the camera and I'm afraid my photos won't turn out!

I strive, with everything I have, to make your experience with Erin Kent Photography comfortable. I attempt to lighten the mood with light, fun conversation and sometimes, I even throw in some of my awful corny jokes! I don't want your session to feel like a session at all! More like a fun day at the park or on the river with a little paparazzi following behind! ;) Please be sure to verse any of your fears to me beforehand so I can help ease your mind. I want your experience with EKP to be fun and memorable!


Any more questions? Please, don't hesitate to ask! I'm always readily available to address any questions or concerns that may arise on your part!