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Our Sweet Girl's Vintage Lamb Nursery

November 20, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

So, I figured I'd do a little something different tonight on the blog. :)

I've been giving you guys glimpses into my pregnancy with my growth photos every two weeks (totally missed our 32 weeks photo, oops!). So, when I finally wrapped up (or, at least I hope) the nursery today and got some photos, I figured I just HAD to share; not only because I'm super proud and want to share this with all of you, but also because I absolutely love documenting all of these precious moments.


I knew when we first learned that we were pregnant exactly what color palettes I wanted for our nursery; whether it was boy or girl. And, I knew, without a doubt, that I wanted neutrals with pops of color if we heard that our little pea was a "she." When we got the "go ahead" from the doctor and knew for certain that our Avalynn was definitely an Avalynn, we went to work. The color scheme: neutrals (creams, whites and browns) with pops of muted color (light pinks, greens, golds and silvers.)

I was totally anti-overly-themed nurseries. That's just a personal preference. I loved the idea of a light theming but I didn't want everything in her nursery to scream theme. Now, I've seen some BEAUTIFUL themed nurseries, so I don't want anyone to think I'm hating on them. ;) For me, simplicity was key. I wanted to focus on the colors, highlighting subtly that it was a baby room but still leaving plenty of leniency so she could grow with the room. I felt like these colors were timeless and she would love them just as much ten years down the road as I love them now.

It wasn't until my Great Uncle and Aunt bought the lovely, Pottery Barn Kids Lamb quilt that you see draped across the ottoman that I fell in love with the idea of little lambs accenting Avalynn's space. I totally have them to thank for that! I've often referred to Avalynn as "our little lamb" since and I'd say that this "theme" already fits her perfectly.

We also knew we wanted to work within a budget. We wanted everything in the nursery to be classy and elegant but the idea of spending an arm and a leg was overwhelming. I think, taking our time and using up around three months to totally work through the nursery drastically aided in our price point staying low. I also handmade many of the accent items within the nursery and bargain shopped with a list that I wrote up in our beginning, "planning" stages.

The crib I had been eyeing at Babies R Us had to be the most painful aspect of the nursery. It was the most costly (this was the only item I wasn't willing to skimp on) and attempting to order it was a horrible, horrible nightmare. My stipulations: an ornate, girly, off-white crib. Thankfully, I have a very patient hubby who was willing to take multiple trips with me up to BRU to straighten all of the details out. In the end, we scored the crib that we wanted!

I loved the idea of a "burlap" feel for crib bedding. But, everything that I just absolutely loved was either custom made by a vendor or was sold through a high-end bedding company and totaled in the $600 range. Sorry, I love my girl but I just couldn't bring myself to pay THAT much for crib bedding. In "desperation" one evening, I simply typed in "burlap crib bedding" in my Google search bar and, would you know, Target popped up! :) Target is one of my "happy places" (along with TJ Maxx and Publix) and I was shocked when I found the absolute PERFECT bedding through them for just $150. Bumpers and all! So, I snatched it up quickly!

I love the little details of the ruffles and the small print flowers on the sheets. The beige and crème colors would work well with my ideas for the nursery and, I think, in the end, it was the perfect fit.

I think the most fun part of the nursery was adding in all of the small details. I get a thrill from "the hunt." I had these ideas that spun around in my head and were doodled and listed on notebook paper. As I hauled my little list around town, searching for the items that I knew I just had to have, I relished in the challenge of finding them for the cheapest amount possible, or learning how to make them myself!

The hardest decision throughout the process of decorating the nursery was probably "What in the world do we put OVER the crib?" I went back and forth on this for quite some time. I toyed with the idea of artwork or a decal with her name but in the end, I decided on a mirror. The problem was: mirrors are EXPENSIVE! Seriously! It had to have been fate when I ran across an awesome décor sale at Kirkland's on Columbus Day weekend. I knew this pewter mirror would work perfectly and at a double markdown price of $20 and an added military discount, it couldn't be beat! So we hauled that special find home pronto!

I'm totally in love with this little sleeper lamb. I'd stumbled on it in Pottery Barn Kids a few months back and, at the time, we hadn't made the decision on incorporating lambs. When we finally nailed down that we were going to accent her room with them, I decided to make the splurge and buy him for her.

The ruffled pillow was a steal at TJ Maxx for just $16! I was pretty thrilled when I spotted it on one of the weekly "stalking" trips.

A bare corner, right above our glider, had been driving me BANANAS for a few weeks. I couldn't decide just what would work in that space but it needed something, anything! A little Pinterest searching (thank the Lord for Pinterest!) yielded a search result of poms! I'd seen them before but wasn't too drawn to the store bought, paper ones. When I stumbled upon this blog tutorial on how to create your own poms, I decided to give it a try!

I'll have to go ahead and confess that it was the most time consuming and almost (literally) back-breaking craft that I've done up until this point. Probably not a great endeavor to take on when you're seven months pregnant. But, in the end, it was so, so worth it. The poms filled the space nicely and added a girly touch to the nursery that coincided with the ruffly pillow and bedding.

The big letter "A" was another craft. I picked up a large, unfinished, wooden letter at Hobby Lobby (I think it was on a half-off week and cost about $3) and I applied a coat of pale pink paint. I still plan to do a light coat of poly to seal it but it's working perfectly fine, for now. ;) And, I'm in love with the "Let them be little," quote. When I first read it on Pinterest, I knew I wanted it hung in the nursery as a constant reminder. I'm such a Type A personality who likes order and organization. I never want to become so overwhelmed in "doing everything right" that I forget that she's only little for a little while.

I drafted up my own copy of the quote in Photoshop and placed it in a white frame that I already had on hand, totaling that little project to absolutely zero dollars!

Personal touches were very, very important to me during the planning of Ava's nursery. And, when my sister surprised me with a basket full of our childhood books that she scrounged up from the garage at my shower, I knew I'd incorporate books into Ava's nursery somehow. I needed some books to accent her side table, so I thought of some of my favorite chapter books and ordered them on Amazon. Thirty bucks got me "The Wizard of Oz," "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass," and "Charlotte's Web." Oh, I hope Avalynn shares the same love for reading that my sister and I had growing up.

She has plenty of books to boot! Whenever my best friend surprised me with a book themed baby shower a few weeks ago, Ava's library started! We already need a bookshelf for her room in our home in North Carolina!

This little "pop of green" side table was another steal at Hobby Lobby. During a clearance sale, they had this little guy marked down to just $20. It was a deep, daunting black so I refinished it in this happy, lime-ish green color! Total project cost: $30.

I wanted a little something to top the books and after pricing faux hydrangeas for a vase (uhm, outrageous!) I decided to create another graphic in Photoshop. A lamb silhouette on a pretty pink background and "Avalynn had a little lamb..." was a lovely touch. I found the frame for just $7 at TJ Maxx.

Okay, so I have to brag on my rug a little. I wanted a tied rug. Oh, how I wanted one! My husband and I priced one at a boutique in Arkansas while we were visiting back in September and the $90 price tag discouraged me so. I had all but given up on my dream of this perfect rug to accent the front of Ava's crib when TJ Maxx came through again! :) When I spotted this little beauty for just $14, I grabbed it, never let go and never turned back! I couldn't imagine her nursery without it now. And, knowing that I scored it at SUCH a steal makes me beam a little brighter each time I walk in the room.


This cute little blanket basket was another Hobby Lobby find. I ended up paying around $25 dollars for it, which was out of my original basket price range, but I had wanted wire and knew I wouldn't be satisfied unless I had it. I love the simple roping around the top of it.


And, of course, the maternity photos had to make an appearance in the room! ;) (Frames: $7 each from TJ Maxx.)

These are just a few of the Little Golden Books that my sister pulled out of my parents garage to give Avalynn. I didn't know if I'd be able to get it together at my shower when I opened her gift! This is, by far, the most special part of Ava's nursery: a piece of both her mama and her aunt and something she will treasure for years and years. They just had to have their own special place within the nursery. I picked up some inexpensive little book ends at TJ Maxx for $3 each to help the books stand.

Okay, so; when it came to the art work for over Ava's dresser I was, once again, stumped. I seriously think I have an issue with wall art! When I finally decided on a cluster of framed art and had an idea of what I wanted, I went to town shopping on Etsy. The only problem was, I was seriously looking at anywhere from $150 to $200 dollars for art.

Trusty Photoshop came through again! I went to work and within a day's time I had my art completely finished! The total cost of all three framed pieces, including the matting, was just $55. Amen.

Love that monogram! Southern girls have to monogram EVERYTHING or it just ain't right. ;)

I found this dresser on a local yard sale page for just $20. It definitely needed some work, though! My husband and I took a weekend, sanded it down, painted it and applied a coat of poly. We finished it off with some new, shiny hardware and VOILA! A beautiful, like new dresser that fit perfectly within the room! The cost of the project totaled out around $60.

And, while we're on the dresser, let me just go ahead and give a shout out to the Ikea SKUBB Drawer Organizers! Best $14 I've ever spent! We will never have another dresser that isn't organized with these beautiful, beautiful creations. They help keep things separated and neat. And, they keep this mama-to-be sane. Obsessive compulsive neatness twitch=satisfied.



Finally, we have Ava's bow holders. :) I had these scalloped frames on hand. They were a light, mint green so I slapped on a little pale pink paint, embellished with some girly tiddly-winks that I found at Hobby Lobby, attached some ribbon and hung her bows! I love the way that they turned out and they only cost about $12.

I seriously cannot wait for Avalynn to be in her nursery. I walk in several times throughout the day now and quietly envision what evenings rocking her in her glider and humming to her will be like. As much as I love being pregnant and as much as I'm not ready to share her with the world, I'm so ready to meet her and love her in person. <3

What about your babies? Did you put a lot of thought and planning into your nursery? What's your theme? Color scheme? I'd love to hear all about it! Feel free to comment below or link up your blog! <3


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