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Pregnancy Update! :) 26 Weeks.

October 09, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

I am SO behind on updating you guys! :) Here I am nearing 28 weeks (this Sunday) and I never even took the time to give you guys a peak into my 26th week of pregnancy. I cannot BELIEVE I'm nearing 28 weeks. It just completely and totally baffles me. I was told to cherish pregnancy because it flies but I never could have fathomed just how quickly it flies by!

I'm going to be honest with y'all and just say that I am lacking in the motivation department here lately. I still absolutely ADORE what I do but, at the same time, I'd like nothing more than to spend hours crafting, organizing and daydreaming in the nursery. I'm completely infatuated with this baby girl and she's not even here yet! I'm not sure if it's nesting or just a longing for what's to come but I'm completely twitterpated. <--- (Bambi reference for those of you who might not think it's a word.) ;)

Not to worry! If you have upcoming sessions, I'm still all yours. I can't promise how focused I'll be once I officially take my pregnancy leave in November, though!

When I hit 26 weeks something happened and I just popped! Although, I will say that this particular top seems to make me a little "wider" in front of the camera. ;) I always tell clients to try to stay away from bold, horizontal stripes for photographs but, I'm tellin' ya, ALL pregnancy tops seems to have stripes! I don't know what it is with retailers putting women who are already growing larger without control in patterns that give a wider illusion! Any other mamas to be noticed this? (Tangent, I know.)

I've gotten to the point where it's harder to breathe when eating because little girl takes up lots of room! As a matter of fact, I learned this week that she's now around a foot long (more details on that during week 28)! It's hard to believe that a Subway sandwich is just chilling out in my belly. She's still just kicking away and has recently began kicking my ribs a little. Hmmm... a Subway sandwich with little, kicking legs... Nothing too painful, thankfully. :)

Some of the milestones from the 26th week included Avalynn's reaching a weight of between 1.5 and 2.5 pounds. Her eyelashes were also formed and I learned that soon, she'd start batting them. Mama can teach her a thing or two about using those eyelashes to get what she wants from her daddy. ;) Her little eyes are also forming and pretty soon she'll be able to open them. Amazing, right? Opening her eyes in the womb! I'm sure there's not much to see in there but it's interesting, nonetheless. Ava's immune system is forming and preparing for the outside world and she's also breathing, although, for now, it's just amniotic fluid.

I was able to go home a couple of weeks ago and enjoy a beautiful, "Got Milk" themed baby shower with my family and close friends which was just lovely. Avalynn was showered with so much love and affection. I just know that she'll be cherished by so many people when she finally arrives. We also had a doctor's appointment where we learned that her heart rate is still hard and strong in the 160s!

And, in other news, I passed my sugar test! This was something I had worried about repeatedly throughout the pregnancy. I'm not quite sure why, since gestational diabetes hasn't seemed to be an issue with other women in my family, but it just lingered in my mind. Finding out that everything was A-OK relieved my fears. :)

I'm so excited for the upcoming weeks and to learn more about our sweet baby girl. The next twelve weeks can't fly by quickly enough! I look forward to the day when I'm able to share photos of my little lamb with all of you. :)



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