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365 day photo projects have always been something that inspired me and provoked me to do a project personal to my own life but, I've never been willing to commit for fear of failure. And, to be honest, when I first announced that I was going to do this, I instantly had a gut feeling that I should take it down, keep it more private and personal. But, part of this is the accountability; making sure that others know that I've set this personal goal and allowing them to help hold me to it.

For any of you who aren't familiar with a 365 project, they are just a means of documenting a little moment from each day for 365 days. They are meant to be simple and to the point. A quick snap shot of what is going on so you can put the camera down and live. Another factor that I'm really trying to implement into this is taking the time to edit and save these images in both a sized image for social media and a copy sized for printing so that there is no excuse at the end of this year to print the project. One of my biggest regrets is not printing as I took photos when Avalynn was much smaller. Thankfully, I have those images saved and there for when I'm ready to edit and print but, sometimes, I wake in the middle of the night with this pit, thinking of what the best way is to dig myself out of the hole of photographs and begin editing/printing them. I call it mom-tographer anxiety!

I don't think you need to be a photographer to start a 365 project. I encourage it! Snap the images with your cell phone or with your camera but do it with intention and purpose. Don't stage them, don't plan them. When you're inspired by your little one, snap! When they do something brilliant, snap! When they throw that temper tantrum that is making you want to pull your hair out, snap (the camera, of course!) Document their faces and their actions and their personalities and then intend to print them. My plan is to create a large collage of all 365 images and frame it somewhere in my home. And, I also hope to continue to do this yearly from here on out. Fingers crossed!

Here is a little glimpse into our first week in no particular order.



Are you working on a 365 project? Have you done one in the past? I would love you to link me to it in the comments if you've shared it in a blog or via website! I'm always looking for inspiration.


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