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Any small business owner will tell you that the best form of marketing, above consistent social media posting, hyping your website, paying for newspaper ads or involving yourself and your business name in local events, is word of mouth. It is what brings you clients, long lasting clients. I haven't run the exact numbers or tallied up any statistics but, I'd be willing to put good money on the idea that the largest percent of my bookings come from previous clients telling their friends and family members about me.

​You know, I rely heavily on word of mouth for many of the big purchase decisions I make, as well as some smaller decisions. My husband often laughs at me. He's an adventurous eater with an iron stomach and he loves to try out new restaurants. He especially is drawn to hole in the wall places. And, me, well, I'm a little more skeptical. I pick the place apart. What is their hygiene rating? What do they serve? How full is the parking lot? What does the interior/exterior look like? And, most importantly; what do others say about it? If a friend has raved about a new spot, I'm pretty quick to jump on the train. Some might call it too reserved but, I just call that using discretion and making the most positive choice concerning where I'm spending my money (and, trusting my stomach.)

​You can only imagine how I am about major purchases if I'm this way about an $8 burger or trying out a new pizza joint. I understand. Photography isn't cheap by any means. It is a major investment. Generally, it's a once, maybe twice per year, purchase. So many of you save for our time together. I appreciate that. I appreciate you knowing the worth in your photographer. So, I can't blame you if you need the referral of a friend, someone to tell you that I'm worth your trust. I get it.

Rayshal and Will have been such a HUGE source of positive word of mouth booking for me. I can't explain how many people have come my way solely based off of Rayshal's kind words. I went to school with Rayshal when we were younger so she is no stranger to me. We were reunited a couple of years ago, when my husband and I moved back to North Carolina, and she began booking me for photo sessions. I've always thought so much of her and now, I've grown to think highly of her husband. I just love little Alley Jane. She and my Ava are just about the same age, so I generally try to make sure Ava is around during or after our photo sessions so that the two of them can catch up. They're so cute playing together.

I was thrilled to do the Taylor's Fall photos a few weeks ago. It means so much to me that they continually book me, that they invest in me and that they spread the word about my little business. They have been a very big blessing to my career.

Thank you, Rayshal, Will and Alley, for booking me yet again and for continuing to speak highly of me. It is honestly everything and keeps this little train rolling.


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