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Oh man. I still have these moment of complete mind blown disbelief when I sit and really try to absorb the idea that my baby, my eight pound, five ounce, baby girl, is two. I mean, I was just rocking her in that plush brown rocker yesterday! And, now she's sleeping in a big girl bed, potty trained, speaking in sentences, singing, naming her shapes and colors, letters and numbers. Sometimes, it's too much.

But, a wise woman once told me that, as much as we mamas wish to cling to what has passed and what will never return, we must also embrace and rejoice in what is now. It's hard sometimes, mamas. I feel you. I cry almost weekly. Not sad tears, mostly happy tears. I'm rewarded by how much she absorbs and learns and what a smart and pleasant girl she is. But, I grasp desperately at the straws that are the past two years and I wish, oh, I wish that I could go back; if only for a moment. To smell that sweet baby scent, to nuzzle my nose in the wispy, fine hairs on her little rounded head, to sing another lullaby while she naps peacefully in my arms.

But, if I could go back, I would probably stay. And, then I would miss the moments lying with her in her big girl bed, when we talk about her day and say our prayers. I would miss grace before lunchtime and her loud and dramatic rendition of "Let It Go." I would miss that cute tooshie covered in Minnie Mouse panties and a proud little girl, joyfully exclaiming," I did it, Mommy! I potty!" I would miss the Eskimo kisses and the, "I love you-s," and the "I help!" from my little miss independent.

So, I'm trying to truly accept that piece of advice that a friend provided me with and I'm trying to rejoice in now.

All of that sentimental rambling was to share these photographs with y'all! I love sharing bits of my personal life with clients and fans of my work. I feel like I know each of you in some way or another.

We celebrated Ava's birthday with a Daisy Duck birthday party. Although, Minnie is really the one with the "bowtique" our little, one of a kind girl LOVES Daisy Duck. So, we improvised and MAN was it a challenge. There are no ready made ideas for Daisy Duck birthday parties ANYWHERE. So, we let our creativity and a little inspiration from the few Pinterest ideas that there are out there fly free!


It was a beautiful day filled with friendship and laughter and play. Ava is such a loved little girl who was absolutely spoiled rotten at her second birthday. We couldn't be more grateful for the wonderful people who surround us. Ava will grow up with the best of the best, that's for certain. <3



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