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I was just pregnant yesterday, right? I mean, when did (almost) six months pass by? Has anyone seen my life? It's flying by at 100mph.

I think the biggest struggle I've had with being a mom is the absolute, desperate need I feel to grab each moment and bottle it up. I have this mini meltdown each time Tweets hits another milestone and grows a little more. I find myself, more and more, wanting to freeze time right here; right in this moment in time.

Between home repairs (yeah, we're in the middle of an entire overhaul of our house), the hubby's being enrolled in some classes for work, appointments and just the general day-to-day, I find myself sitting down in the evenings, taking a deep breath and thinking, "Where the heck did today go? Didn't I just wake up?" Any other mamas feel me?

But, a few weeks ago, while snuggling and rocking my sweet girl, I had an epiphany and I came to a conclusion that I should have a long time ago.

Y'all ready to slap your heads in confusion at how silly I could be?

Pictures. I needed to take more pictures.

Do WHAT?! I hear all you IG followers. I know I crowd up your feeds with all my iPhoneography.

But, I need more. I need more of the good pictures that aren't so "good."

I think we photographers sometimes get caught up in folks' impressions of us. Heaven forbid we take an image with our cameras that isn't technically perfect. That's such a dangerous position to be in. And, I fell victim. The focus was on the grain and the light and the positioning and the imperfect skin tone. And, I felt the need to make an excuse for every image that wasn't "just right." (Still working on that one. Just did it the other day, as a matter of fact.)

I've realized that it's not about that, though. Some of my favorite childhood photos are the blurry, candid, washed out images that were snapped in the moment and with no preparation at all. And, I need to give that to my girl, too.

So, I'm personal Facebook friends, I apologize in advance. I fully intend to capture at least one photo each day of my little lady doing just what she does. I want those images to look back on someday. And, while I'm working toward "someday" I'm gonna annoy all of you with them. ;)

Here are a few candids I've gotten over the past couple of weeks.

Are these types of candid and "lifestylish" images something you'd be interested in? I'd love to follow you and your little family around one day! Contact me here, on the website, or at erinkentphotography@gmail.com for more information!


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