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November 06, 2014  •  1 Comment

Hello out there!

Ah! It feels good to write! (I feel like I start every post off that way.) I have so much goodness to share with y'all. So many sessions that I've neglected to blog and so many feelings I want to write out. It's been a busy year and I wasn't able to focus on my business as much as I probably should have. I quietly slipped into the background while I soaked up every moment of my little. And, while I still fully intend to do just that, I've started to pick up the pace. (Just in time for booking to slow down as cold season comes in! Go figure!) But, it's a start. I'm putting wheels on the train again and chugging forward.

Speaking of my little. :)

She's growing up so quickly! It's all a little too much for me. But, I love living vicariously through her. I was talking to my sister about it today actually. It's almost as if you forget the magic of being a child and then, having a little one in the house 24/7 just re-introduces that magic to you. I love watching her light up when her favorite show comes on television as she claps and bounces up and down on her knees. And, I love when she crawls over, pulls up on me, wraps those little, chubby arms around my neck and kisses me right in the mouth. "Mmmmm-AH!" I can hear that sweet kissing sound right now.

It's the not so little, little things that just truly fulfill me. I'm LOVING this mama-phase of my life. It's beautiful and brilliant and satisfying. It's everything I thought it would be and more.

As for the business, wellll...

I'm doing something I said I'd never do again. I have thought about it and prayed about it and discussed it with my sweet husband many nights and, while my passion still lies in couple's photography, I feel that I should bring back the family sessions as a permanent installment of EKP. And, I'm gonna do just that! There is now a tab located under the "Investment" drop down on the website where you can read package information and figure out pricing. I'm so excited to book family sessions again and I have some new inspiration breathed into me, so I'm ready. It's time.

If you're interested in booking your family session (which you totally should!) please feel free to contact me through the "Contact" tab on the website or e-mail me at I'm looking forward to it!


So happy you will continue family sessions because no one has ever captured the love of my family through a lens like you. And there is no one else I'd rather have do it than you. So blessed our husbands have a semper bond so as years go by and girls grow big friendship grows to....amazing photgrapwr and person
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