Another Baby Update! :)

August 13, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Hello out there! (For some reason, I imagined that echoing.)

It seems like it has been SO long since I've interacted on the page even though I just shot out a sneak peek of a lovely couple on Saturday! I guess I can blame that on a busy weekend and lots of goings on! I'm telling y'all, being pregnant just makes EVERYTHING go by faster and I'm just already dreading how quickly our little girl will grow up. Who's decision was it to press fast forward once you get the positive pregnancy test? Huh? ;)

Anyways, I know you guys are all, "Where the heck is she? I sent her an e-mail forever ago!!" :) I promise, I'm diligently working through all of the office stuff today so I can hop into some editing later this week! I'm anticipating this week's sessions and, with all this time flying business, I know they'll be on me before I know it! So, if you're waiting on a confirmation, e-mail response, PayPal invoice or any other interaction, just hang tight! I'll be getting in touch with you today!

Yesterday, we spent the day up in Hopkinsville at our doctor's appointment seeing our baby girl. It was our 20 weeks appointment and an all around wellness appointment so it was an exciting day for us! I've recently begun to feel Avalynn kick (and, once she started, I began feeling it all the time; which I love!) so it was neat to see her little arms and legs flying all over the place during the ultrasound. Feeling her kick me, while watching her kick on the screen was such a crazy, beautiful feeling. I just can't put it into words!

She's looking perfectly healthy (which is a huge relief to mama and daddy) and she's "weighing in" at 10 whole ounces. Talk about a big one! ;) When viewing her little feet on the ultrasound, we were astonished at the detail, so my husband asked exactly how big her feet were. When the tech responded, "Three centimeters," it was almost hard to fathom. So tiny, yet so active and so alive. It's all a little much to take in. God is truly amazing.


Avalynn's little profile. A friend noted that it kind of looks like she's smiling, which I totally see!

Little feet and toes. :)

A close up of one of her feet. Mama and Daddy both have a second toe that's longer than their big toe and I'm guessing the apple didn't fall too far from the tree. :) Can't wait to smooch on those sweet tootsies!

And, another sweet profile picture. :) They sent us home with a ton of great photos but I won't bombard you guys. ;)

Thank you all for listening to all of my little updates. :) I love using this blog as, not only a means of stimulating and documenting my business, but also, as a way of noting all of the special things that are happening within my own life. You guys are pretty spectacular for being so supportive and "in tune" with my baby mama stories. Just wait until she's born! ;)

Also, before I sign out, I'd like to give a little head's up that I will be offering a string of Couple's Christmas Card Minis in October! :) So, if you and your special someone are wanting to snatch up the opportunity to have some quality Christmas Card photos taken at a more discounted price; stay tuned! I hope to announce by next week!


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