Pregnancy Update: 30 Weeks

October 28, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Hello 30 weeks! :) Just ten more to go!

I've recently been having those moments of panic. I'm totally Type A. All of my closest friends know this about me. I'm a perfectionist and I'm obsessive compulsive about various aspects of my life. Things just need to be... well, right. So, I'm entering the "nesting" phase and I'm itching to finish up the nursery (which I totally plan to share with all of you) so that I can deep scrub the house from top to bottom! I have about twenty different lists with different "titles": "Things To Do For Nursery," "Hospital Bag Packing List," "Miscellaneous" and the lists go on and on. Literally.

So, I've dedicated the next two weeks (outside of the time I'm spending playing catch up on editing) to officially completing the nursery and getting the hospital bag prepared! Fingers crossed that I can accomplish it!



The past two weeks have been so exciting! As is every week now. It seems that Avalynn learns a new "trick" every few days that leaves me smiling. Those kicks and jabs have turned into stronger brushes and rolls. There are times where my "bump" will actually be a little higher on one side than the other and I know that's where she's taken her "spot" for the moment. It's really the neatest sensation.

Ava is now as big as a cucumber, which the hubby totally disagrees with. He swears she's much larger since she's now weighing between two and three pounds. I have to agree. The growth chart may need some revision. ;) Ah, well. We'll just go with it! We learned that her skin is beginning to smooth out but her little brain is getting more "crinkly" and defined as it continues to grow. She is now strong enough to grasp a finger. I can't wait for her to grab ahold of mine! :)

I actually measured two weeks ahead of schedule at our last appointment which means that baby is either big or I could deliver earlier than expected. Hubby is leaning toward an early delivery. He's felt that I'm further along since the beginning. I guess we'll see!

In other strange news, I had my first weird craving of the pregnancy this past week/weekend. I was blessed with no morning sickness and absolutely no cravings or aversions with this pregnancy. So, when I woke up last Thursday wanting dill pickle chips with a chocolate glazed donut from Dunkin Donuts, I knew something was up. ;) And, I couldn't stop thinking about it until I finally broke down and had the hubby take me to pick up the unhealthy snack last night! Let's just say it was totally delicious and all of the bitter, salty and sweet goodness that I had been expecting but the late night indigestion that I had was no bueno. I was up until four this morning fighting off those darned treats!

Besides the occasional bouts with indigestion and heartburn, I really can't complain. I've been blessed and I'm grateful for that! We're anticipating our next 4D ultrasound in November and anxiously awaiting further news on how far along we REALLY are.

Here's to the next ten weeks!


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