Erin Kent Photography: Blog en-us (C) Erin Kent Photography (Erin Kent Photography) Wed, 12 Apr 2017 18:41:00 GMT Wed, 12 Apr 2017 18:41:00 GMT Erin Kent Photography: Blog 120 80 Ben Ben | Children by Erin Kent Photography| Jacksonville, NC Photographer A few weeks ago, my cousin sent me a cell phone snap shot of her little boy in the most adorable little fedora. I could not get over it! I text her back and told her we HAD to get a few shots of him in it before he grew out of it. So, they came and spent the afternoon with Ava and I a couple of weeks ago and we got some great shots of him. The little girls in our family are notorious for bows bigger than their heads so I'm thrilled that our Ben Ben is going to be known for his stylish hats to match every outfit. He is our dapper little gentleman. 

Isn't he perfect? 


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365 Week Four | Erin Kent Photography | Jacksonville, NC Photographer Today is my Monday since my husband was off yesterday for President's Day. Anytime he gets a day off, we really try to put everything we're doing on hold and spend time together as a family. He stays busy with work and his hours aren't always consistent so, this is an important aspect of his relationship with both Avalynn and I.

Because of today being the start of my week, I'm just now sitting down to blog out last week's (and, the first part of this week's) 365 images. I utilized this morning to catch up on laundry and cleaning and all that jazz, since it took the back burner over the weekend.

Last week was a dream. It was slow paced and Ava and I really just enjoyed our time together. We started the week off with a minor cold, so a down week also helped with quick healing! I love weeks like these, when there's not a thing on the agenda and we make our own schedule and rules. We also skipped our home preschool because of sickness so that also freed up some time for us. I have a feeling our schedules are about to get a whole lot more chaotic what with my upcoming Spring photography schedule, soccer practices and games (yes, that's right; I'm officially a soccer mom), upcoming doctor's appointments, family vacations, etc. So, I'm relishing in these next couple of weeks of total freedom.

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Lyons Family Session| Family by Erin Kent Photography | Jacksonville, NC Photographer I have been waiting to post this blog until I wrapped up this sweet family's gallery. I delivered their print order a week or so ago so I decided I would go ahead and share their family session with the world! Nicole's sister-in-law gifted she, her husband and their kids with a family session for Christmas (which, by the way, is such a FABULOUS idea) and we finally got around to getting their session in the books. The weather was unseasonably warm and favorable on our day together which was perfectly ideal. The kids were super cooperative and such a pleasure to work with, as were Nicole and Calvin. I know I say it all the time but, these pictures truly go down as some of my most favorite of all time. It's so refreshing to get clients in front of the camera who can pose if necessary but who understand and appreciate my love of capturing people just as they are. They played and they laughed and they tickled and they gave piggy back rides; all of the simple, little actions that make for the absolute perfect shots! All in all, I couldn't have asked for a better time or for a more beautiful gallery for this crew! Here are a few shots from our time together!

To book your family session with me, click the "Contact" tab on the website today! What are you waiting for? There is no better time to document this moment in your life than now. I also print gift cards! If you know of someone who would really love a photo session with me, contact me to purchase it for them! I can't think of a better gift that could be given.

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365 Week Three | Erin Kent Photography | Jacksonville, NC Photographer This week, we took full advantage of the gorgeous (sporadic) weather when we could and spent a lot of time outdoors. We took a trip to Wilmington for my doctor's appointment and made our traditional stop at TJ Maxx so Ava could pick a toy and mama could find some treasures of her own. We also kicked off Congenital Heart Defect Awareness week and our Spring t-shirt fundraiser, where we introduced our new t-shirt design! We are so incredibly excited about that! Unfortunately, we ended this week with a minor cold (thank goodness it's nothing severe) so we've been pretty low-key for the past couple of days, spending our time indoors, diffusing oils and enjoying some quiet time.

If you would like more information on the t-shirt sales, you can visit the Facebook page here. The post is pinned to the top until CHD week ends tomorrow. I have all of the information shared there and the link to order is in the comments. Each year, we raise funds for The Children's Heart Foundation. This money goes directly back into research into CHDs! We've been so fortunate to be able to raise several thousand dollars with the help of our amazing community throughout Ava's first three years of life and we hope to continue each year, as she grows! This was a promise that my husband and I made to Avalynn as soon as she was diagnosed with her heart defects.

For those of you who are following this 365 project, thank you so very much! It feels good to be so intentional and to already be three weeks deep into a project that I've wanted to do for quite some time.

Stay tuned for next week!

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365 Week Two| Erin Kent Photography| Jacksonville, NC Photographer I made it another week, y'all. How, I'm not sure. But, I'm chugging through with this project. This week was eventful! Fingers crossed I remember every day this week!

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365| Erin Kent Photography| Jacksonville, NC Photographer 365 day photo projects have always been something that inspired me and provoked me to do a project personal to my own life but, I've never been willing to commit for fear of failure. And, to be honest, when I first announced that I was going to do this, I instantly had a gut feeling that I should take it down, keep it more private and personal. But, part of this is the accountability; making sure that others know that I've set this personal goal and allowing them to help hold me to it.

For any of you who aren't familiar with a 365 project, they are just a means of documenting a little moment from each day for 365 days. They are meant to be simple and to the point. A quick snap shot of what is going on so you can put the camera down and live. Another factor that I'm really trying to implement into this is taking the time to edit and save these images in both a sized image for social media and a copy sized for printing so that there is no excuse at the end of this year to print the project. One of my biggest regrets is not printing as I took photos when Avalynn was much smaller. Thankfully, I have those images saved and there for when I'm ready to edit and print but, sometimes, I wake in the middle of the night with this pit, thinking of what the best way is to dig myself out of the hole of photographs and begin editing/printing them. I call it mom-tographer anxiety!

I don't think you need to be a photographer to start a 365 project. I encourage it! Snap the images with your cell phone or with your camera but do it with intention and purpose. Don't stage them, don't plan them. When you're inspired by your little one, snap! When they do something brilliant, snap! When they throw that temper tantrum that is making you want to pull your hair out, snap (the camera, of course!) Document their faces and their actions and their personalities and then intend to print them. My plan is to create a large collage of all 365 images and frame it somewhere in my home. And, I also hope to continue to do this yearly from here on out. Fingers crossed!

Here is a little glimpse into our first week in no particular order.



Are you working on a 365 project? Have you done one in the past? I would love you to link me to it in the comments if you've shared it in a blog or via website! I'm always looking for inspiration.

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The Meadows| Family by Erin Kent Photography| Jacksonville, NC Photographer I have known Leanna and her family for years and years; since I was a little girl. However, mine and Leanna's friendship flourished when I began going to the same high school as her my junior year. We immediately hit it off and the rest is history. I love Leanna because of her kind and gentle nature. She is a faithful friend who somehow holds the ability to pick up right where we left off each and every time we see one another. Thankfully, we see each other MUCH more now that I'm back in North Carolina but, even while we were stationed in Tennessee, Leanna found the time to come visit, she set aside time for me when I came home and no period of time ever made things awkward for us. I just attribute that to true friendship. I consider her one of my very best friends and I'm blessed to know her.

Little did we know, back in high school, that, today, we would have husbands and families of our own. That we would be trying to figure out this grown up world one day at a time. But, here we are. I have had the absolute honor of photographing many of Leanna's milestone moments in life: her engagement photos, her bridal portraits, her pregnancy announcements, maternity, birth, newborn and, this year, her first family photos.

Noah was such a little trooper and gave me the absolute best grins the whole evening. I love that sweet, little, red headed boy! He is something special to me. And, I think a lot of Leanna's husband, Justin. I love how he loves Leanna and I love the father that he is. Noah already looks up to him, I can tell.

Enjoy some highlights from our afternoon together!

Thank you again, Leanna, Justin and now, baby Noah, for trusting me with your most precious memories.

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Cole Newborn| Newborns by Erin Kent Photography| Jacksonville, NC Photographer Oh my stars. Y'all. I have been needing my baby fix lately. A few months back, the Cole family booked me for maternity photographs and since that time, I had been anxiously awaiting the news of baby Bryson's arrival. This precious family was such an incredible joy to work with. The light of Christ beams from them and I sensed that from the moment we met. When Jessica contacted me and asked to book newborn photos, I was overjoyed. I spent a wonderful morning with them and my new BFF Bristol (a.k.a. Big Sister). She is definitely my little helper and likes to help me get the perfect shot. She was just as helpful to her mama, fetching diapers and helping to wipe spit up. I know her parents have to be so proud of their big girl.


Thanks again, Cole family, for inviting me into your life and your home. I look forward to many more photo sessions in the future and watching your beautiful children grow. You've all grown very dear to my heart.


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Taylor Family| Family by Erin Kent Photography| Jacksonville, NC Photographer Any small business owner will tell you that the best form of marketing, above consistent social media posting, hyping your website, paying for newspaper ads or involving yourself and your business name in local events, is word of mouth. It is what brings you clients, long lasting clients. I haven't run the exact numbers or tallied up any statistics but, I'd be willing to put good money on the idea that the largest percent of my bookings come from previous clients telling their friends and family members about me.

​You know, I rely heavily on word of mouth for many of the big purchase decisions I make, as well as some smaller decisions. My husband often laughs at me. He's an adventurous eater with an iron stomach and he loves to try out new restaurants. He especially is drawn to hole in the wall places. And, me, well, I'm a little more skeptical. I pick the place apart. What is their hygiene rating? What do they serve? How full is the parking lot? What does the interior/exterior look like? And, most importantly; what do others say about it? If a friend has raved about a new spot, I'm pretty quick to jump on the train. Some might call it too reserved but, I just call that using discretion and making the most positive choice concerning where I'm spending my money (and, trusting my stomach.)

​You can only imagine how I am about major purchases if I'm this way about an $8 burger or trying out a new pizza joint. I understand. Photography isn't cheap by any means. It is a major investment. Generally, it's a once, maybe twice per year, purchase. So many of you save for our time together. I appreciate that. I appreciate you knowing the worth in your photographer. So, I can't blame you if you need the referral of a friend, someone to tell you that I'm worth your trust. I get it.

Rayshal and Will have been such a HUGE source of positive word of mouth booking for me. I can't explain how many people have come my way solely based off of Rayshal's kind words. I went to school with Rayshal when we were younger so she is no stranger to me. We were reunited a couple of years ago, when my husband and I moved back to North Carolina, and she began booking me for photo sessions. I've always thought so much of her and now, I've grown to think highly of her husband. I just love little Alley Jane. She and my Ava are just about the same age, so I generally try to make sure Ava is around during or after our photo sessions so that the two of them can catch up. They're so cute playing together.

I was thrilled to do the Taylor's Fall photos a few weeks ago. It means so much to me that they continually book me, that they invest in me and that they spread the word about my little business. They have been a very big blessing to my career.

Thank you, Rayshal, Will and Alley, for booking me yet again and for continuing to speak highly of me. It is honestly everything and keeps this little train rolling.

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The Swedbergs| Family by Erin Kent Photography| Jacksonville, NC Photographer One of the greatest blessings that I have in this life of small business ownership are friends who love and support me. Long ago, when I decided to make this little hobby a "thing" I relied solely on friends to help me build my portfolio. And, let me tell you, they were there even when my work wasn't so great. But, that is the beautiful thing about friendship. Knowing that there are folks there who are willing to invest in your business not only monetarily by booking you but also in a supportive way by telling others about you and encouraging you as you grow; that's the best feeling in the world.

​I am grateful for Beth and Andrew's friendship and for their continual booking with me. I love photographing their little family and being there for all of the milestones along the way. We had our yearly family session a few weeks ago right here at my house and I couldn't be more pleased with the results. We had beautiful weather and light and we even had the opportunity to let the kids run and play for a while afterward.

​Thank you, Swedberg family, for another amazing session in the books. I can't wait until our next.

​To book your family session with Erin Kent Photography, contact me today through the website!

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Breastfeeding and Second Born Session | Erin Kent Photgraphy| Jacksonville, NC Over the past year, Natale has become a sweet friend and client of mine. Last year, I had the pleasure of photographing her precious family of (then) four for their Christmas cards. Their Christmas photos are still some of my most favorite to date! After I heard the news that Natale was expecting again I anxiously waited to see if she would be interested in booking another session so, to say I was thrilled when she booked a breastfeeding session after little Miss Willow made her arrival, is an understatement!

​Big sis Harper joined us for this photo session. I got some good laughs in as Harper reminded me so much of my Ava. This age is so much fun but they definitely keep you on your toes and moving to get the very best shot! I mentioned it on the Facebook page but, Willow was probably one of the most intense and in tune babies that I've ever photographed. She hung onto my every move, captivated by the camera. At one point, I had the joy of snuggling her (I get my baby fix in at photo sessions, for sure) and as I talked with her, she clung to my every word, taking my voice in and trying to recognize my face. She was beautiful. And, I'm so thankful I had the opportunity to photograph her while she is so young.

Natale, as always, was so easy to work with. It's any old way with her. And, I love watching her as a mother. She is patient and kind and lots of nurture and love is poured into all three of her girls. She's definitely a role model mother.

Thank you, Natale, for hiring me again and for allowing me to be a part of these milestones in your family life. It's such an honor.

To book your photo session with me, click the "Contact" tab now! <3


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The Birth of Benson Ivey | Birth by Erin Kent Photography | Jacksonville, NC Photographer Births have been and always will be a special type of session for me. I feel so very connected to this type of photography. But, it was a totally different experience standing by during my cousin's son's birth. Kam and I have always been close, our entire family is, so being able to live out her pregnancy and then her birth with her was such a special feeling. I don't think I'll ever be able to express how thankful I was to be a part of all of it.

Kameron arrived at the hospital during the afternoon hours on a Thursday and she labored until the wee early morning hours on Friday before doctors decided that it was in baby's best interest to be born by cesarean section. It all happened so quickly really. One minute, we were all sitting in the waiting room, laughing and talking. The next, we were rushing to the room where nurses and the doctor were hurriedly prepping Kameron for surgery. Thankfully, it wasn't an emergency situation in that moment but it was very emotional in more than one aspect and, we were made aware that, had she waited, it very well could have been an emergency situation. As always, the Good Lord was right there, planning each step and guarding Kam, Tyler and baby Benson along the way.

It was hard not to cry as I watched my Aunt Glenda, Uncle Mark and cousin, Emily, embrace Kameron and encourage her as the staff buzzed around in the room. I could tell Kameron was nervous but she was so strong. She had the determined mother attitude and whatever it took to get Benson here, safe and sound, was exactly what she was prepared to do. Tyler was strong and silent. He quietly got dressed and gathered their items, stopping periodically to look over at Kameron. I was so proud of him throughout the whole process. There's never been a doubt about the kind of husband and support system that he is for Kam but on that day, even before Benson arrived, I caught a glimpse of the type of father that he was going to be. That prediction held true. He is an amazing daddy.

To say that Tyler and Kameron are wonderful parents is such an understatement. I truly love watching them take on this role and I look forward to watching them raise Benson in the light of the Lord.

Generally, slide shows aren't as long as this but it was important for me to share each detail of Benson's birth since it was so near and dear to my heart. It's been an overwhelmingly beautiful few months for our family and I thank our Heavenly Father for all of the good that He has provided us.

I love you Kameron, Tyler and my sweet, sweet, butterbean Benson. Aunt Erin will always be here (likely with camera in hand) to root you on, kiss you all over and pray for you daily, just like I pray for your cousins. You are my sweet boy.

Benson Ivey Parker, born September 9th, 2016 at 9:50 in the morning, weighing 8 lb. and 5 oz. and 21 inches long. <3


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Lifestyle Newborn Session| Erin Kent Photography| Jacksonville, NC Photographer What's better than a newborn session? A newborn lifestyle session. These are the only newborn sessions I offer at this time. Did you know it takes a very particular type of photographer to do those skilled, posed newborn sessions? You know, the cute ones with froggie leg poses and babies that seemingly look as if they're hanging in thin air? These images are composite shots. These photographers know just how to pose your little one safely, with hands on them at all times (oftentimes, they use an assistant) and they come back in post and mesh multiple images to give you those stunning pieces of art!

Unfortunately, posed, studio newborn photography is not my genre of specialty. And, because I cannot say with 100% confidence that I could safely do these poses with your little one, I refuse to even try. Their safety is of utmost importance to me and I refuse to compromise it for more page views, likes or bookings.

(Side note: If you work with a photographer who is not utilizing assistance or composite shots to achieve these images of your baby, walk away. There are plenty of photographers who are trained and have invested time in hours of classes and workshops to learn to do this type of posing. Don't risk your sweet babies joints and chance them falling or being hurt for a particular shot.)

Instead, I offer lifestyle photography for newborns and families. Within days of having your baby, I come right to your house. You can stay in your robe if you'd like! I spend around an hour and a half, following you around, catching feedings and diaper changes, cuddles and baths. The works. The great part about these photo sessions? Everyone is included, it's totally candid and comfortable.

I've taken photos of the Heberts before (they are sweet, loyal clients) and when Kari asked me to come by and do little Miss Hazel's lifestyle newborn photos, I was thrilled! We spent a sweet afternoon together, catching up and capturing meaningful moments of the family interacting together.

Hazel is absolutely beautiful and such a good baby. She was a real trooper for the time we spent together and, big sister Harper, well, let's just say that she won't have any problems being a wonderful older sibling. Pride was painted across her face and she was overjoyed to share her baby sister with me.

Thank you Heberts for yet another wonderful session and thank you for choosing me over and over again.


To book your lifestyle, newborn session with me, contact me today right here on the website!

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Five Generations| Family by Erin Kent Photography| Jacksonville, NC Photographer Good morning! It is Friday! And, you know what I just noticed? I had blogs scheduled and never actually scheduled them in my website. So, there's that. And, life has been so nuts lately that it totally slipped by me. Hey, there's no better time than too late, right? Is it just me or is this everyone's lives? I have spurts of peacefulness and calm and then it's like someone clicks the "Go" switch and everything blows up and goes nuts! Am I the only one on this hamster wheel?

I have been making steps in my life to simplify. I'm making lists and prioritizing. I've been ruling out unimportant stressors and things that take too much of my time. I'm making the steps toward drastically limiting internet time (minus the time I market on the business page), cutting back on the need to go out and "do" and focusing more on what happens at home. I'm tired and I'm worn from all of the bad news and negativity. It's not naivety that I'm seeking, just less involvement mentally and emotionally.  Let's face it. It's hard to do. All of these technological tools are at arms reach for us at any given moment. It's all too easy and too convenient! I have a whole other blog post about this coming, so I won't take too much of your time here, discussing that. :)

On to the topic of the hour, the Brown-Smith-Parker-Morton families. Oh my, how I love these girls. From the time my mother was pregnant with me, she and my "Aunt" Kim were friends, attending the same church and making memories together. As our families grew, they meshed together and to say that the Parker girls and the Powell girls spent a lot of time together is an understatement. Summers were spent living between each others houses, swimming in the pool, running barefoot in the yard, staying up too late at sleepovers, making muffins for breakfast in the kitchen and getting ourselves into trouble on more than one occasion. These girls are my longest friendship relationships and they are lifetime friendships. We see things the same way, we do things the same way. It is a sweet, sweet fellowship.



We were ushered into their family and them, into ours. Because of this, I've had the honor of knowing their grandparents and great grandparents and I've fallen in love with them just as deeply over the course of my life.

When the girls came to me and mentioned this idea for a photo session, my wheels started spinning. I was honored to have been asked and so appreciative that such a special task had been handed to me.



On the night of the photo session, we took a trip out to Pink Hill to take photos in and around PawPaw Brown's church. It was a sweet time in the sanctuary as everyone shared fond memories. Pieces of their history as a family lace the images: PawPaw's fiddle and his old Bible, filled with highlighted Scriptures and notes. The ladies all gathered around the piano as their voices, in perfect harmony, rang out in the walls of that little brick church. All five generations can sing beautifully. The whole time held so much meaning and love was present throughout every thought that went into this little project.



They chose to have their images made into a pro book which we created together and they are now displayed in their homes for everyone to see. Someday, Kaybree, the littlest of the bunch will be the keeper of those books and, in those pages, will be priceless clippings of the day together and of the four generations before her that she had the blessing of knowing. What a gift.

Thank you, ladies, once again for letting me do this and for being the absolute best friends and most wonderful second family that a girl could ever ask for. I respect you and appreciate the loving, Christian example and companions that you have been for me over the past twenty-eight years.

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Oliver| Famiy and First Birthday Session by Erin Kent Photography| Jacksonville, NC I've known April and her husband, Justin, for quite some time. They are such a sweet couple who I really enjoy being around. Last year, I held a family session with them, documenting their first son's first few months of life. I recently held a little Mother's Day "contest" on my Facebook page and April was one of the winners of a free mini session with me. She chose to include her parents in this photo session which I thought was just wonderful. A couple of weeks before the session date, April messaged me and asked if we could add on to her session for photographs of Jackson to celebrate his upcoming first birthday. His birthday has come and gone now and it still blows my mind to look at these photos and compare them to their last photo session.

Unfortunately, Justin was working and was unable to join us for this photo session but I look forward to documenting their little family of three again very soon.

Enjoy this little glimpse into our time together!



Thank you, April, for entrusting me to capture another milestone in your lives as you all prepared to move and celebrate Jackson's first birthday. It was an honor, as always. And, thanks for being such a sweet friend. <3

To book your mini session with me, click the "Contact" tab and book today.

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Chow| Maternity by Erin Kent Photography| Jacksonville, NC Based Photographer It has been an incredibly fast paced month for me. I have been slammed with work (thanks, y'all/you're the best) and my little family and I are awaiting some pretty big, up and coming changes. All good changes; thank the Lord! I can't wait to share these new personal adventures with you but until then, I'm playing catch up on this to-do list and steadily booking through the Summer. While I mention booking, if you have plans for Fall family images with me, please book as soon as you possibly can. Fall books very quickly for me! Every year, I end up turning folks away and as much as I hate to do it, it's a necessity to stay on top of work. Grab your spot while you can!

On to this gorgeous session! I've known Mandy for years now. She is such a sweet girl with a kind personality. When I learned that she was expecting her first child, I was thrilled for her. And, then to hear it was a baby girl? Icing on the cake! I know the fun that awaits her, all the bows and frills and giggles and squeals, and I'm beyond excited for her and her boyfriend!

They actually welcomed their precious girl just recently so I'm a little behind on sharing but I figured, what better way to celebrate their princess' arrival than with a celebratory blog highlighting the moments that were captured just weeks before she made her big debut?! By the way, baby girl is absolutely gorgeous with the sweetest, chunky cheeks! 

The evening was perfect for maternity photos. What started as a hot day, transformed into a comfortable, early Summer night with favorable weather and a soft breeze. We scrambled for an alternate location when our original plans fell through but, in the end, we couldn't have chosen better spots for Mandy's maternity photos. Will was a superb support and so willing to go along with whatever ideas Mandy and I had for the evening. I can't tell y'all how much easier it makes my job when the significant other is happy to play along. I loved watching these two interact with each other and dream aloud of their upcoming adventure.

Congratulations you guys! I am so incredibly happy for you and I look forward to following your journey into parenthood! <3 Thanks for choosing me.



To book your maternity session with me, click the "Contact" tab on the website! Or, e-mail me at

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Bridal Session on the Sound| Erin Kent | Bridal Portrait Photographer| Jacksonville, NC Oh man, y'all. It's always been a dream of mine to hone my genre. Many of you know that I LOVE engagement and bridal portraiture. But, I've equally found a passion for family sessions! It's hard to focus on one genre of photography because the creative part of me starts itching to touch in other subjects eventually.

​It had been a WHILE since I had photographed a bride when Vanessa contacted me for her bridal portraits. Mix this beauty with a breathtaking, private location, granted to us specifically for this session, and music was made. Although a bit chilly, the evening was absolutely perfect and the Good Lord smiled on us with an absolutely awe-inspiring sunset. Sunsets on the sound are just magical. The color reflects off of the water and there's a golden hue all around. We couldn't have asked for more.

Vanessa's faith is of utmost importance to her. I felt a connection to her through that because I feel the same way about my own marriage. We place God at the forefront so that we fall in line somewhere after. We've learned that, although marriage isn't always perfect, this method makes the ride so much more enjoyable.

Vanessa's fiancé built a custom cross for her. She wanted me to photograph her worshipping her Savior, a picture that she had in mind for some time. I couldn't be more pleased with how it all turned out; really.

Vanessa said, "I do," this weekend so I can FINALLY share these amazing portraits with you. I hope y'all enjoy looking through them as much as I enjoyed taking them.

​Congratulations, Vanessa. I wish you and your hubby a lifetime of sweet love.

To book your bridal session with me, contact me today through the "Contact" tab on the website! I'll be happy to get your session booked for you!

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It's Not Business, It's Personal | Erin Kent Photography | Jacksonville, NC Photographer ​Sometimes I get burnt out, if I'm honest. I'm not sure what really happens. Maybe it's just a lack of creativity coursing through or perhaps it's the oversaturation of the market or it may just be a good mix of the two. But, sometimes I lose the zeal for photography.

​Toward the end of last year and earlier in 2016, I struggled with thoughts of shutting the business down. I couldn't feel my worth anymore. I am proud of the work I present clients with but I was struggling with my personal worth in the work world. I felt like all of the effort I placed into photographs wasn't worthwhile. I wondered if this journey, the journey as a photographer for business, had come to an end. I cried to my husband about it. His schedule had taken off with his new job and I was carrying even more weight around the home than I had before. And, I was troubled with the idea of not being able to give enough time to Avalynn. But, photography and this business help me remain "Erin" in the midst of being "wife" and "mom" and, deep down, I was terrified of losing that piece of me.

My business has grown so very much in the past year. The move two years ago really hit it hard but I built it back from the ground up to a point of steadily booking. I couldn't imagine giving all of that up. Yet, every time I picked my camera up, there was nothing there. And, as hard as it is to even say it, I had even lost the desire to photograph my own life; something that I hold to utmost importance. I found myself pulling my phone even more than normal while my camera sat in a corner of the office, gathering dust.

So, I took it out a few weeks ago. I made a vow to start using it more for personal photographs, to start getting those special, every day moments on camera again. My daughter is, hands down, my favorite subject. And, deep down, I knew that if I could just start photographing her again, I would find that spark. And, I was right.

There are thousands (and, I literally mean thousands) of unedited, untouched, high res photographs of my little girl on my hard drive. I used to pull out my camera every where. I have vowed to do that again. Because, when I get back to the root of what inspires me, I feel driven to work again.

I was reminded, when chatting with a fellow, business-owning friend last week, about the promise that I made to myself when I first took a leap and created Erin Kent Photography. That was that, the moment I ever felt like this was a "job," the moment I felt like taking photographs was mundane and a chore, was the moment I would shut it down and get back to just photographing my own life. I'm thankful that God saw fit for me to continue on this journey and to continue photographing your lives, as well, even if booking has been trimmed back significantly.

I know not everyone will understand it. For me, photography is extremely therapeutic and a necessity. I panic at the thought of not having beautiful images to look back on someday. And, in many ways, I panic at the thought of not sharing that with others. My "aha" moment came when I held my first session of 2016, a bridal session. And, I left that session feeling rejuvenated. I need that good start to business. Avalynn had kindled the flame and a successful, paid session ignited the fire.

I hope it keeps burning for a long time.



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A Daisy Party| Lifestyle & Event by Erin Kent Photography | Jacksonville, NC Photographer Oh man. I still have these moment of complete mind blown disbelief when I sit and really try to absorb the idea that my baby, my eight pound, five ounce, baby girl, is two. I mean, I was just rocking her in that plush brown rocker yesterday! And, now she's sleeping in a big girl bed, potty trained, speaking in sentences, singing, naming her shapes and colors, letters and numbers. Sometimes, it's too much.

But, a wise woman once told me that, as much as we mamas wish to cling to what has passed and what will never return, we must also embrace and rejoice in what is now. It's hard sometimes, mamas. I feel you. I cry almost weekly. Not sad tears, mostly happy tears. I'm rewarded by how much she absorbs and learns and what a smart and pleasant girl she is. But, I grasp desperately at the straws that are the past two years and I wish, oh, I wish that I could go back; if only for a moment. To smell that sweet baby scent, to nuzzle my nose in the wispy, fine hairs on her little rounded head, to sing another lullaby while she naps peacefully in my arms.

But, if I could go back, I would probably stay. And, then I would miss the moments lying with her in her big girl bed, when we talk about her day and say our prayers. I would miss grace before lunchtime and her loud and dramatic rendition of "Let It Go." I would miss that cute tooshie covered in Minnie Mouse panties and a proud little girl, joyfully exclaiming," I did it, Mommy! I potty!" I would miss the Eskimo kisses and the, "I love you-s," and the "I help!" from my little miss independent.

So, I'm trying to truly accept that piece of advice that a friend provided me with and I'm trying to rejoice in now.

All of that sentimental rambling was to share these photographs with y'all! I love sharing bits of my personal life with clients and fans of my work. I feel like I know each of you in some way or another.

We celebrated Ava's birthday with a Daisy Duck birthday party. Although, Minnie is really the one with the "bowtique" our little, one of a kind girl LOVES Daisy Duck. So, we improvised and MAN was it a challenge. There are no ready made ideas for Daisy Duck birthday parties ANYWHERE. So, we let our creativity and a little inspiration from the few Pinterest ideas that there are out there fly free!


It was a beautiful day filled with friendship and laughter and play. Ava is such a loved little girl who was absolutely spoiled rotten at her second birthday. We couldn't be more grateful for the wonderful people who surround us. Ava will grow up with the best of the best, that's for certain. <3


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Couples Session by Erin Kent Photography| Jacksonville, NC Photographer Man, oh man! Was it EVER hard choosing a narrowed down amount of images for this blog! The Bills were such a pleasure to work with. And, Duke! Oh, I fell in love with him! Such an obedient guy who just so happened to be pretty photogenic, too!

We had a beautiful, unseasonably warm and golden lit evening for a little couples session. This was actually Kayla's and Chris' first photo session together! I wanted to show them what a relaxed time it is. Oftentimes, I'll get clients who feel that they'll be stiff and rigid in front of the camera and they come in nervous but an EKP experience is quite the opposite. Luckily for me, these two were anything BUT stiff and rigid. They were total models! Scroll down for a look into my perfect photo session with them!



Thank you Kayla and Chris for a wonderful time. I hope to work with the two of you again, very, very soon!

​To book your 2016 couples photo session with EKP, contact me today through the website, Facebook page or via e-mail at!

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